Markus Gmür

vocals, acoustic guitar


José Garrido

guitar, bass, drums programming


Metrophobia are a Swiss duo (Mark and José) that leaves no one indifferent.

Their indie / alternative rock has all the ingredients to please the majority.

Well-rounded songs, good melodies and a slightly dark production gives Metrophobia a very distinctive and personal sound.


The songs have rock solid roots, with sweet and light melodies, leaving an aftertaste of bands like Pixies, Teenage Fanclub, Bivouac, Dinosaur Jr, Catherine Wheel, Ride. We even find some reminiscence of the early Lo-Fi scene.

With their sights set on the noisiest pop, Metrophobia have been swimming against the current since their beginning, moving away from the standards of current music, but without losing an iota of freshness.

The mix of dark pop, intimate lyrics, distorted guitars, intense drums rhythm and melodic bass makes Metrophobia an unapologetic band that is only inspired by their instinct and creativity.

The first album “Silent Treatment” is a clear example of this.

Check it out for yourselves…

Metrophobia - Silent Treatment