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11 November 2022

Words Unsaid

"...Metrophobia craft a song, which hits us hard. First, because it draws a poetic and essential message, and second, because it builds in its sound architecture, a melody with more energetic beats and guitars, precisely to deepen the sensation that it wants to achieve in the listener..."

"...But for you to understand it with intensity, it is necessary to observe the images that the video created for the song also shows us..."

"...And from the vocals to the arrangement, it's undoubtedly an excellent composition..."

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Helena Benjamin

Words Unsaid Music For All
Words Unsaid Gifted Balance Records

Illustrate Magazine

31 October 2022

Words Unsaid

"...'Words Unsaid' is a hauntingly beautiful alternative rock number that reminds me of the good old days before the 2010s, when alternative rock was truly at its peak..."

"...'Words Unsaid' has that ominous alternative rock tone where feelings of melancholy and despair are present. But that’s the beauty of it..."

"...Metrophobia has a brilliant sound and their compositions are just stellar. I truly want to hear more of the band’s music..."

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Damien Reid

Edgar Allan Poets

23 September 2022

Words Unsaid

"...This new tune from this duo is enigmatic and mysterious. I really liked the twilight vibes, a sound for the people of the nigh..."

"...Metrophobia’s music seems to hide a secret and meaning much deeper than what you can hear..."

"...This duo has a lot of music inside them and above all, they have a lot to say. Their artistic vision is solid and they prove to have a great compositional experience behind them..."

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Chris Mariotti

Words Unsaid Edgar Allan Poets!
Crazy Heart Illustrate Magazine

Illustrate Magazine

27 July 2022

Crazy Heart

"...“Crazy heart”, a well-produced example of alternative rock that has become their trademark..."

"...The band masterfully combines elements of shoegaze, and echoic ambiance effects with reverb into a driving, upbeat rhythm. Right from the beginning of the song, they go full on with walls of drums, dynamic guitar riffs, and round basslines...."

"...If you’re looking for a song to swing around and make you feel good, you’ve come to the right place..."

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Lily Thomas

Rising Artists

30 March 2022

Kryptonite For The Superman

"...Pulled in by its catchy melodies and powerful rhythm, the lyrics are what make you stay..."

"...With a brilliant debut album already under their belt, “Kryptonite for the Superman” is a perfect next step for Metrophobia..."

"’s the perfect track to sink your teeth into the groups sound. Stream it now!..."

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Ciarán Coleman

Kryptonite For The Superman Rising Artists
Kryptonite For The Superman Edgar Allan Poets!

Edgar Allan Poets

20 March 2022

Kryptonite For The Superman

"...The hypnotic and intriguing sound of this duo immediately struck me for the originality of the proposed melodies..."

"...Surely we are faced with talented musicians that I recommend everyone to go and listen to..."

"...A great find!..."

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Chris Mariotti

Roadie Music

23 September 2021

Silent Treatment

" of the great releases of this year of 2021..."

"...Metrophobia brings us the incredible “Silent Treatment.” A real treat for fans of this sound that became famous in the 90's..."

"...One of those premieres that comes “breaking down the door” and putting an end to all that “rock is dead” bullshit and stuff like that. If it's up to Metrophobia, it's more alive than ever!..."

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Alessandro Iglesias

Silent Treatment Roadie Music
Silent Treatment You! Me! Dancing!

You! Me! Dancing!

20 September 2021

Silent Treatment

"...Metrophobia's first album is a bath in distortion and a lesson in how to renew and redesign the sound of the 90s..."

" like someone applying an HD lens to albums like Psychocandy and Nowhere..."

"...Right on their debut the duo has already managed to create something absolutely memorable..."

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André Salles

Music Is To Blame

10 September 2021

Silent Treatment

"...Metrophobia give us anything but ‘Silent Treatment’ on their infectious debut album..."

"...Silent Treatment’, is a highly textured record that acts as a love letter to 90s alternative rock but simultaneously allows the duo to showcase their musical prowess and flair for producing catchy hooks and infectious melodies."

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Sarah Taylor

Silent Treatment Music Is To Blame
Words Unsaid

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"...From start to finish, this song is incredibly dynamic and carries waves of emotional energy that are simply out of this world...."

Gifted Balance Records

"...the melody can hold its own as something outstanding; however, it is the incorporation of Gmür’s vocals that adds a soft soothing to the gritty foundation..."

"...Words Unsaid has an intense intimacy that bursts with vulnerability..."

The Other Side Reviews - Nicole Mendes

"...a dark and melancholic atmosphere with delicate pop-centric writing..."

"...the Metrophobia sound offers something entirely unique..."

"...a moody and dark energy driven by an imposing tapestry of powerful guitars and deep bass lines, with “Words Unsaid”, Metrophobia showcase their moving songwriting at its very best..."

Plastic - Alex Stone

Crazy Heart

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"...the duo combined only the best qualities of the beforementioned genres to achieve that characteristic sound loved by so many music enthusiasts out there..."

"...There’s no doubt you’ll love Crazy Heart too..."

Thoughts Words Action - Djordje Miladinović

"...facing a work that is pure poetry, both musically and lyrically..."

"...more and more it is heard, it grows in your mind and moves your heart..."

Roadie Metal - Vitor Franceschini

"...Imagine a song that brings the best of classic Indierock and mixes with the freshness of the 2022's..."

"...increasingly establishing itself as a very strong group in the world indierock scene..."

Indie O'clock - Tati Teixeira

Music Arena GH

Music Arena GH

8 April 2022

"...It means an irrational fear of poetry..."

"...Release a single per month, until our fingers bleed..."

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Kryptonite For The Superman

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"...a great deal of character and attitude..."

Send Me Your Ears

"...with this smashing single..."

Sinusoidal Music - Nishant Varma

"...You find yourself head banging..."

Find No Enemy - Kartik Sundar

"...the track will give Metrophobia even higher flights..."

Roadie Music - Alessandro Iglesias

"...every element of the greatest alternative rock songs..."

"...That doesn’t come as a surprise considering the quality of their debut..."

Thoughts Words Actions - Djordje Miladinović

The Other Side Reviews

The Other Side Reviews

11 October 2021

"...A hopeful and interesting start to their musical journey..."

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Silent Treatment

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"...Like the best releases from The Jesus and Mary Chain, Metrophobia manages to captivate your listener..."

Headbangers News - Jéssica Mar

"...And while clearly being indebted to 120 Minutes-era alt rock, with this particular song reminding me quite a bit of RIDE and The Catherine Wheel, the song pairs slick, modern production with classic, grunge/alt rock songwriting techniques..."

The Joy Of Violent Movement - William Ruben Helms